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Trophies & Reviews

"A veritable treasure trove for all ornithologists, British Garden Birds holds a comprehensive A-Z list of British birds, including information about identification, feeding and conservation. There’s also handy MP3 audio files of individual birdsong, making it even easier for you to identify the elusive winged-friend in your garden. If you’re feeling confident, you could try the bird identification quiz to name more than 160 birds, based on photographs and sound clips. The information page answers common queries about birds and birdwatching, including how to stop birds flying into your window!" - Best birdwatching websites

BBC Countryfile Magazine, August 2009

"This is a fantastic site covering everything that you might want to know about garden birding. Based on a Sheffield garden, it just goes to show what an enthusiastic individual can produce. Practical hints, photos, charts, sounds, quizzes, etc. Anyone interested in garden birds should look here." - Gordon Hamlett

The Birdwatcher's Yearbook and Diary 2005, Buckingham Press

BBC Gardeners' World

"This is one of the best websites on garden birds that I have come across. It's a labour of love that has attracted several awards for its clarity of design and ease of use. For sheer volume of information the encyclopaedic bird guide beats most bird books hands down. the data is presented in a variety of ways, including charts, photographs and audio clips, in addition to chunks of text. As well as being an excellent tool for identification, you'll find hints on providing the preferred food of each individual species. The information section is aimed at expanding our understanding of garden visitors, and is jam-packed with facts and features on life expectancy, bird song, moulting and breeding. The guest book and discussion board are sources of ideas and support, and you'll also find a quiz, a diary and a survey on environmentally sensitive issues."

BBC Gardeners' World magazine, Website of the Month, April 2004

Best Site Award
Awarded by BTDesign Awards for the high educational quality of both design and content.

13 July 2003

Top 5% Award
Awarded by MnetWeb Services for website superiority and innovation.

18 July 2001

Golden Web Award Winner 2000-2001.
Golden Web Awards are awarded by the International Association of Web Masters & Designers to people whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.

18 January 2001


The Award for Excellence is presented by EcologyChannel.Com to sites that are considered the very best in their particular environmental field, fitting the criteria of accurate content, design, presentation and accuracy.

21 November 2000

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